Draft Dodgers

A little additional information to my previous posting: I rang the DfE to try and speak with Anthony Hunter who wrote the meaningless letter to me [copied in that post] in order to ask him to explain, if he could, the few things that were said. I was told he was unavailable. More interestingly, I was also told he couldn’t answer any specific questions because he didn’t actually write the letter. He is a ‘drafter’. Apparently this means he just signs the letters [though I presume there might possibly be some element of ‘cut and pasting’ those little snippets of mantra-esque meaninglessnesses I characterised also in the previous posting]. Even more revelatory, Daniel Metcalfe to whom I had initially written and for whom Anthony Hunter had made his reply, is also a ‘drafter’. So neither of these ‘Ministerial and Public Communications Division’ employees is able to communicate anything of any substance. They exist to draft responses and then dodge responses because they are unavailable and unable anyway.

This explains everything. No, really, it does.


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