Writing Ideas – Lightness/Darkness Poem – National Poetry Day

lightness that sheds
darkness walking behind
lightness not needing to believe
darkness on its First Day
lightness’ gravity sleeping
darkness in loneliness
lightness faintly
darkness waiting around that corner
lightness whispering
darkness in its own absence
lightness lifting
darkness on the edge
lightness leaving it all to fall
darkness hiding inside
lightness breathing across the sky
darkness erupting from inside
lightness breezing
darkness encroaching
lightness without withal
darkness with everywhere to bide
lightness in its own place of light
darkness in Dante’s lie
lightness palmed by a cloud
darkness’ nightmare smile
lightness nuancing in colourimetry
darkness at 0,0,0
lightness luminously
darkness literally
lightness ending brightly

[lightness darkness poem]


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