Christmas Crackers 2

I believe that the paragraph (and I’m sorry to be possibly crude) is when they are both at their climax (sexually). “Yes” followed by a comma (which so far is the only punctuation used) seems too obvious to pass. The lack of punctuality adds to the effect of what she feels.

I believe the speaker is male and the listener female because the listener is always interrupting and criticising.

Blake accuses the rose of being evil – like a woman.

During the war the government forced people to do natural Service and they could not refuse. They were constricted.

The rhythm of Valentine makes your two hips move when it is read.

Examination Day deals with the brusque and abrupt and at every turn it reels and rocks like a roller coaster until it lunges to the ground at the end.

If you were to listen to a scientist such as Simon Armitage’s wife they would probably say that such emotions exist in order to procreate and rank love among lust and carnal pleasure.

Lennie has a leaning problem.

I AM is written in three verses of six lines, with every other line indented. If you turn the page 90 degrees clockwise it resembles castle battlements.

The Twa Corbies is written in a Scottish dialect. This adds to the suffering.

thirteen-year-olds did sex in a science lab. Grown ups would have done it somewhere else.

This poem thinks it is a sonnet but it is not.


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