Christmas Crackers 4

It will take a lot more than a short, simple, vague poem to put me off the way I live.

The metaphor of the sea and shipwreck is as poetry entrancing but also, in my opinion, makes the reader not feel as sorry for him because if the writer could be as creative in life as he is with the pen then he would have nothing to complain about.

John Clare was highly gifted in that he understood exactly what he didn’t understand.

By making reference to genitals she is suggesting sex in a subtle way.

Arthur Hugh Clough attacks greed, materialism and deprocussy.

Damon wanted Phyllis the fair, which in modern English would be Phyllis the Fit.

Stereotypes have a lot to do with the view of people towards things. I think Lively is saying “Wait a minute, just because someone may own a BMW it doesn’t make them better than a person with a Lada.”

A lot of the soldiers would have had hobbies or lots of other things to do when they were not in battles. Poetry was Owen’s hobby.

In the final verse he learns how to relieve himself.

These poems rhyme occasionally but it isn’t deliberate.

Daily London Recipe is one of my favourite poems and in my opnion is exactly right.. That’s what peoples lives is all about – routine. You get up in the morning and go to work by the same road every day, you come home to same woman every day, you eat with her, drink with her and fight with her while there’s some people running after 20 year olds. You just want to have a good time and booze, booze, booze.


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