Today’s Headlines

Top tomatoes…varieties tested excited
today, a red adrenaline headline
competing with: History of the NHS;
junior doctors’ strike; the terror of the
Terrorism Act [in context, I hasten to
add, and won’t publish this online];
why Labour lost the election – I know
the answers to that already; More
plastic in the sea than fish nearly got me
hooked, but there’s 34 years for that to
happen; Owen Jones [it doesn’t matter
on what]; Kanye West to cover Bowie;
the ‘lilywhite’ Oscars, and the death of
Glenn Frey, but I wrote about him
last night and have listened to the
Eagles all day.

I Sapori di Corbara: Sua Eccellenza is
no 1, by the way, at £5.99 and
seasonal so that was hard news to take.
But I can handle these judgements of
taste, though balk at the grammar in
recommending third place to Antonella
where the tester is quoted to say he
“could eat the entire tin raw” – no
subject context stated there, even if it is
obvious. Rules are rules.

Some were surely broken that other day
when the TV showed well-lit night-time
shots of Aegean Sea migrants thrashing
in water in those beams, fallen from their cap-
sized boat but no children’s cries – already
drowned. The headline here scrolled at the
bottom of the screen just beneath the pan
of a pile of black coats covering the dead.
I paused – before carrying on
with eating lunch.

Evening now, and features have been
relegated, new news asserts its parodies, and
supermarket tins are still rejected but lower
down the page, simplified to just alliteration.
No one wrote about the boat then, in-between
or today. Details can be found, if we
are looking: there are words trying to
describe – it was crazy and distressing
and tomorrow there will be fresh stories
to roll away and forget, little it seems in
our taste to place “just above average”.


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