Eton College and Rough Boys

No Panama Connection, Yet

Idly searching on a whim to see if there was any connection between Eton College and recent revelations in The Panama Papers [seemed a fruitful punt] I didn’t find anything on this but did come across some of the college’s King’s Scholarship Examination papers and looked at the latest available for 2014.

The following struck me as interesting that a school of such privilege would be offering up the Stephen Spender poem without any hint of irony:

Screenshot 2016-04-06 10.45.00

The comprehension questions on the poem were less surprising: rather obvious because that is essentially what they are, but also the one requisite feature-spotting ask.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 10.45.13

How much more enlightening if examinees had been asked to summarise their own attitudes on ‘children who were rough’ and to imagine where such would come from in ‘our world’ today. Or set an essay task titled ‘We Are All In This Together’.


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