Please, Please Don’t Discard the KS1 Spelling Tests


It is unlikely teachers would have the time – and the relief of not having to set the KS1 Spelling Tests, even if for one year only, is a feeling to understandably pause and savour – but a further cathartic pleasure as well as creative tangent would be to take the existing tests and subvert them for actual teaching and learning.

It would be difficult, I admit, at KS1, but we are encouraged to be challenging! Whatever, and for wherever and whenever, here is an idea for stimulating groups of students to explore and discuss and write their own versions of answers to the original spelling tests: not as spelling, but in thinking about the potential of meanings prompted by single word choices [and no, not the nonsense of ‘Wow’ words, but real words].

The more words students encounter and use, there will be the experience of spelling these too, so two birds with one throw of the existential word-dice.

The following posts include the original answers to the now withdrawn spelling test, and the original ‘answer’ pages with substituted words to use, or use as ideas:

spelling four

spelling one

spelling two

spelling three



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