Immigrant Irony

There’s that sideswipe again, some little Englander telling
me Americans don’t understand irony just before claiming
I want my country back. I want mine back too, this one
where I have lived since ’67; then PR in ’76, mirror year with
leaving love behind, also those small-town thugs wanting me
dead and other redneck retributions for a difference that didn’t
seem to matter walking home unafraid in Suffolk’s midnight
darkened roads, hippie hair no longer dodging beer cans or
a branch ripped from a neighbour’s tree to take a swing.
These obvious violences didn’t run to blood in our rivers –
but hatred has always been with us, though then tolerances
defined a whole instead of today’s long line of fear pasted
on billboards to create rather than cover every growing crack:
so listen to me, little mad Englander, I want my country back.


One thought on “Immigrant Irony

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