Freddy Flypogger, To the Right

This is unexpected.


In another nostalgic impulse, I thought I would – and have just done so – draw a picture of the Big Daddy Ed Roth cartoon character Freddy Flypogger that I began drawing in the mid ’60s when I was around 10-11 years old, and have drawn occasionally ever since, though less so in recent years for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain.

It was the thing to do back then, especially for young boys interested in hot rod cars, as my memory is that Freddy was usually in one, albeit in a freaky way, obviously. I think ‘we’ all drew these at the time. I was living in Germany, Karlsruhe, and attending an American military school [no, not me learning to be a soldier, but on an American Army base] and it was a very American fad. There was an older student at the same High School, Jack, who I recall drew these cartoons extremely well, cars/other transport usually included. I don’t know why I stuck to the singular character. No talent for the extended versions, presumably.

I haven’t been able to find images from that time which suggest my version, though this next one includes the spit and flies:


This is the unexpected bit. Freddy here is to the left, so to speak. I’m sure I have always drawn my Freddy to the left – for over 50 years [though as I say, much less so than in the 60s! And I don’t mean my 60s]. So why is my version at the top of this posting with Freddy to the right? Weird. It was the placing of the pupils in the eyes that did it. There was no choice after that – Freddy clearly looking to the right.

The next images provide the transportation elements which seem such a strong original feature from my recollections:


There is a 2012 Freddy Flypogger Facebook page, but this seems short-lived, and models can still be bought as far as I can work out.

I don’t think I’d want one, as nostalgic as I am for such artifacts. I’m happy with still being able to draw, even if memory – or the fortuity of the moment – has turned my Freddy through 180 degrees.

And I know: he is looking to his left. As if he could.


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