Jim Thompson – Savage Night

A strange thing to say, I know, but it’s good to be reading again. Work stops me, but lethargy more so. And I love it when I am reading, so cannot really understand the gaps.

Just starting Savage Night, and enjoying, though I didn’t get into The Killer Inside Me. Not sure why, but it doesn’t matter now.

I’m posting two great Chandler-esque guips I’ve read so far: clever allusions [not the similes of Chandler himself] that make you smile,

From chapter 1 [about a building]

The teachers’ college doubtless helped things along a little, but I figured it was damn little. There was something sad about it, something that reminded me of bald-headed men who comb their side hair across the top.

From chapter 2

One look at that frame of hers, and you knew what kind of breeding she’d had: straight out of Beautyrest by box-springs. One look at her eyes, and you knew she could call you more dirty words than you’d find in a mile of privies.


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