Lie Detester Test

That’s fine.

That’s correct.

Yes, OK.

Yep, correct.

Oh my goodness. That’s despicable. That’s nasty.


No, that’s disgusting! You lying bastard. How could you?

That makes me sick. I want to physically puke.

Probably honest.

That’s an easy one.

You sick fuck! Where does this darkness come from?

Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

I didn’t think that was possible!

I am appalled. Utterly appalled.

Well, you wouldn’t get that wrong, would you?

Another easy one.

Too easy.

Wow! You are the most contemptable person I have ever tested.

Wicked. Wickedness personified.

The devil incarnate. This is outrageous.


I am lost for words.

On BBC News yesterday, one of the football agents caught on the newspaper film sting about football shenanigans was interviewed. He claimed the accusations he made on camera were all lies and to prove he was not lying about this now he would willingly take a ‘lie detester test’. He said this twice.


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