Degrees of Treachery in British Political Parties

UKIP: Former leader Nigel Farage with a consistently negative rhetoric about foreigners/immigration has clear, singular impact on Brexit vote through the fear/anxiety generated by this; ‘new’ leader of Party Diane James resigns after 18 days; prospective next leader of the Party Steven Woolfe has altercation with senior colleague Mike Hookam and is hospitalised

Conservatives: current leader and Prime Minister Theresa May is elected by default when there is no opposition [also not elected by public to be PM]; senior Minister Michael Gove involved in blatant treachery during election campaigning; senior Minister Boris Johnson is instrumental in arguing for Brexit but evidence subsequently suggests he did not believe in/support this; Panama Papers reveal large number of Tory members with offshore financial dealings

Labour: Jeremy Corbyn is elected as Leader of Labour, twice, with massive majority on a mandate that reflects years’ of consistent and principled following; there are resignations from Shadow Cabinet posts and significant bickering within Party about political differences

Much could be added to each of these three snapshot views, and much I think to flesh out precisely the line I have taken here, elaborating on and consolidating the view reflected. I also accept others could select and present different information and viewpoints, but I firmly believe the essence of what I have presented is accurate.

The media representation of the differing levels of treachery and incompetence and infighting within these three political parties seems to me to focus mostly on Labour. I could of course be sensitised to this, but I genuinely feel the bias against is there. An example today was on the BBC lunchtime news: in looking at Corbyn’s emerging new shadow cabinet, the lead-in to this was about the apparent conflicts already emerging, rather than reporting the names and positions. A similar report occurred the day after Corbyn’s recent re-election: the BBC reported that a meeting of Labour First [‘Labour moderates’] held a meeting at a pub and, as stressed, so many attended they had to spill out into the street. Well, it was just a pub…..! I have written quite a detailed account of another similar example here.

I haven’t even mentioned Nick Clegg.



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