Further Finding the Father

he worked Omaha
Murray Dance Instructor
that’s how he made extra money
a terrific swing dancer
not the jitterbug
and he was fair-minded
but no liberal

bought old cars
and talked to them
wanted to live to be
an Old Fanatic

worked at an Oldsmobile dealership
as a
as a
that’s all I know
before teaching mechanics
and West Coast Swing

he had a sugary way to make a living
a junkie for
motorcycles and sugar
not the Hells Angels
fixing them up
and finally the pain
finally pain

i remember him strong
all his life
the manly man
he was proud of it
but wouldn’t see the Dr Man

ate candy
chain smoked all day long
he was proud of it
wasn’t able to go back
it was the sugar
but he didn’t suffer or linger

i just remember him strong
probably not a liberal
lots of fun showing off
dancing on a motorcycle


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