Goalposts and Arrogance

With the Education Secretary Justine Greening soon to make an announcement that the government is proceeding with its intentions to increase the provision of grammar school education, one can only assume that this reflects both the absolute arrogance of ideology as well as pursuing a domestic policy to in some way deflect from greater and more problematic issues like Brexit at home and the diminution of the UK’s foreign policy within the worldwide context.

That virtually all commentators of all hues have observed either negatively or with apathy to the grammar school drive would seem to generate its own ongoing indifference to such an overwhelming lack of support from this government and the personal myopia of Theresa May. Even the fundamental yet flawed initial intention that rolling out more grammar school provision was to assist the social mobility of the poorest families – the just managing – has now been dismissed with the leaked news that Greening will announce this drive is to target households with an income up to £33,000.

Goalposts and arrogance – one moves as if sliding aimlessly down a lean, the other is as intransigent as grey concrete walls.


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