The Choreography of the Neck

tm2 - Copy

No necklace today, but plenty of brass neck.

It is calculated and perhaps even cynical, but it is certainly an obvious decision. With Labour lagging, and with the reminder that she was never actually elected to be Prime Minister, Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election is no real surprise.

So, little to say on this at the moment, but the major calculation that was even put into her not wearing a requisite necklace as she made the announcement today demonstrates how savvy political presentation currently is [is Labour watching?]. With her recent luxurious posing for Vogue magazine, and the previous expensive leather trousers debacle, the PR machine will have already been addressing how she is made to appear more in tune with the everyperson of the British electorate [assuming she already has the privileged in the designer handbag].


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