A Pig of Political Thinking

pig - Copy

Flying back from Manchester yesterday in the dark of night and somewhere over Bristol, I was naturally surprised to see quite clearly out of the window on the right hand side of the airplane where I was sitting, an easily visible, though not externally illuminated, flying pig.

It was at that precise point the stranger sitting next to me began to speak. That was equally unexpected as previously it was my friend sitting there, but this unfamiliar face and voice began to address me on the subject of the forthcoming UK general election in June.

He claimed in a calm and assured tone that for humane and caring voters the only sensible priority upon which to focus was getting rid of the Tories. He said – I think obviously and correctly – that no one Party at the moment could achieve this. He suggested there would necessarily need to be a coalition of opposition.

His idea, if I can quickly summarise, was how at the very least the Green Party, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party should agree to not oppose one another in marginal seats where it was likely any one of these [or other similar] Party candidates could be elected at the expense of the Conservative standing for election.

His further calculation was how statistically this would inevitably prove a successful means of reducing the Tory majority on the one hand, and on the other, if further factors additionally supported this, could possibly even displace them from leading the next government. Whilst acknowledging how that expedient coalition might well prove itself a problematic leadership, it would still be inherently preferential to a self-serving and mean-minded Conservative government holding power.

It was a longish conversation but this is the gist and it was very soon after the stranger had finished speaking that we landed at our destination.


2 thoughts on “A Pig of Political Thinking

  1. The people versus the establishment perhaps? I wonder how many “unofficial” local deals are being negotiated as I write in Bristol where that pig was sighted last night? A “Remainer Spring” (my words) orchestrated by Gina Miller was reported in the Guardian yesterday. “We want to build the biggest tactical voting effort in UK history to ensure that candidates across the country that promise to do what’s best for Britain in the Brexit process get the extra support they need to win” said Ms Miller. The media will once again demonise Gina Miller and this might take the heat off Jeremy Corbyn so that he can talk policy in a reasonable and dignified tone. Is a coalition to defeat the Tories the same as a coalition to avoid Brexit I wonder since both outcomes would seem likely if it was successful?

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    • Thank you for stopping by Chris. I expect many will criticise Miller, including trolls, but she has a point and they will fear it. I think one of the biggest battles is the media, including the BBC. Tonight on the early evening news they showed May speaking about her ‘Britain for all’ nonsense, but let her say it, so to speak, and yet for Corbyn they also show his quite innocent comment ‘I don’t know where I’m going’ when referring to how to exit from where he is to make a snide sarcastic suggestion about his policies. So the PM can speak her brazen lie without either explicit or implicit criticism, and Corbyn simply refers to his perambulation and a political dig is made of it. Cheap and nasty.


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