The Wise West Wing

The West Wing

As I continue to plot old episodes of The West Wing against current political events, UK and International [well, Trumpworld], I thought on the day the Labour Party here introduces its general election manifesto with a commitment to spending, if elected, in order to ultimately improve the economy, and is immediately pilloried by the national press for its ‘predictable’ profligacy, I watch tonight’s episode from series 3, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, with this gem of an apt observation:

I just wanted to give you a heads up – the journal’s going to run an editorial
with regard to broken promises in fiscal spending.

[Charlie picks up some papers and returns to the Oval Office]

Oh man, the greatest campaign speech ever about money – FDR promises to
tighten our belts. What’s he do when he gets here – spends more than we knew could be spent. And it’s ’cause he discovered it’s better for long-term growth. [sits down to read]


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