Jacob Rees-Mogg Self-Strung and Slaughtered

mogg - Copy

Normally the quintessence of English upper-crust calm confidence, Jacob Rees-Mogg revealed his and the Conservative Party’s inner turmoil and concurrent denial of this by erupting in a pompous linguistic riposte to being quizzed by Jon Snow on tonight’s Channel 4 News.

Snow was putting it to JRM that his Party was in a shambles, an assessment Mogg tried to continually dismiss against Snow’s repeated assertion, culminating in JRM bursting forth with the declaration it is not a butcher’s slaughterhouse!

Snow immediately made clear that wasn’t his term [seizing on, as I’m sure we all were, the extraordinary ‘admission by rejection’ in JRM using such an expression] only for Mogg to counter, haughtily, with his dismay that Snow didn’t realise this was the definition for shambles.

Well, that linguistic linkage was news to me – as well as Google search [though a deep dictionary trawl will find a link as ‘archaic’] – but it was a moment of the most gloriously pedantic foot-stomping from the usually serene toff.

Perhaps aware of his childishly arrogant attack, Mogg tried to regain ground with an ascendant declarative by stating – without any visible personal self-mockery or sense that he was pissed out of his brain – the country is completely stable.


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