The Mogg’s Folderal

Jacob Rees-Mogg 'My Haven' Living room of his Somerset home

Jacob Rees-Mogg is an articulate, erudite man, and he can be a pleasure to listen to in his calm authority – when he is calm – though his political views are anathema.

I wrote recently here about his uncharacteristic linguistic outburst when interviewed by Jon Snow; however, on today’s Preston on Sunday, The Mogg was much more assured being quizzed by Robert P, and one of his final comments was to refer to the Sunday newspaper speculations on Theresa May’s survival as Prime Minister as folderal, another gem from this man’s sophisticated if antiquated vocabulary.

It made me wonder if The Mogg was aware of the album Folderal by Nigel & the Dropout because four of its songs seem most apt in considering May’s continued leadership of this country:


Pulled Over, Pulled Under


Concussive Maintenance


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