Post-Exam Student Forum Found Poem

In media res
with the bullshitting it
for 45 minutes,

one question
to answer
in that cluster –

question one, a

the reality of war
as opposed to
effects of war?

Must remember
AABB rhyme
is fucking shite

if you are at war.
Running and lugging
his gun

is assonance?
Or is ass
thing to do,

the sibilance

No, this is a
piece of piss
his exam and

I wouldn’t have minded
if ‘he’ –
personal pronoun –

took it himself.
No, a single charge
is a piece of piss

compared to the
six hundred
yet I proper good ignored

that part of the
comparing poems
[chaos can’t be

War poetry in my mock
got 28/30 –

piece of piss.
I did London with
Ozymandias in

Bayonet Charge,
to fit the
abruptful adjective

into the running:
three poems better

than two.
That was the prose?




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