The Glib, The Spiel and ResearchEd

Schools Minister Nick Gibb and Ofsted Chief Amanda Spielman speaking at this weekend’s ResearchEd conference: here’s a duo of enlightened [wait for it] speakers to set the sprinkler system into overdrive in a room with even the remotest spark of interest in what either might have to say about education.

My main wonder is if The Glib had waited around for The Spiel to deliver the line about her ‘tear my hair out’ angst when schools still refer to grading a single lesson – The Glib, if indeed there, blushing bright red from the bald top of his ignorant head.

Earlier, The Glib had complained about teachers in their ‘ivory towers’ not coming to/taking an interest in a conference run by the organisation set up by the [former?] DfE fake-guru Tom Bennett – he of the banning films and banning making posters and banning anything he just happened to dislike in classrooms because he was in a position to say daft things as if they made eminent sense even when they didn’t.

‘Ivory towers’? Oh the irony knelling from the ding-donging of Gibb’s polished turd of great height.

I can only react to reports of these stupid things said by stupid people [today’s Schools Week and TES], but without having any sense that I need to be any more considering than this, I genuinely detest the drivel of these kinds of pontifications.

The Spiel has been here before: saying things that sound sensible when they are loaded with the most grotesque irony because it attacks schools and their teachers and leaders who have suffered the nonsenses of years and years of various government and Ofsted dictates about the very things she now rejects – with good sad reasons for them to tear out more than their hair at the diminishing and destruction of this – and so saying such offensively ironic things now is truly, truly dreadful.


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