Ofsted Blessing

One further item from Schools Week yesterday reporting on the ResearchEd conference attended by Gibb and Spielman, where the latter is stated to have indicated that schools’ book scrutiny will soon be conducted off-site with scanned examples sent to remote Inspectors, if you’ll excuse the pun, not that The Spiel noticed when it slapped her in the face. She is quoted as saying,

“There’s rather good scanning quality now, so the views of other inspectors, remote from the live inspection, could be drawn in to test out the judgments of inspectors on site,”

For someone who seems to want to play-down the reality of the tensions in being tested, it is a contradictory selling point to laud this as a means also of inspecting the Inspectors.

Ofsted Blessing

Your books are being scanned from afar
by the Ofted shine-a-light inspection star.

This is the New Age check on your marking,
and while it might seem like a scary barking

up Big Brother’s watching, withering tree,
think of it as a techno-blessing of scrutiny.


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